AI Conference Kyiv 2021

Artificial intelligence is gaining momentum throughout the world.

Technological progress is speeding up AI’s advancement and we are getting closer to the turning point when AI will start stimulating the technological progress on its own. Investments in AI developments may soon surpass $100 billion. Thanks to progressive teaching methods, AI is already showing amazing results in:

The number of applicants to universities interested in AI-related specialties is growing year by year.

Today AI shows the most of efficiency in terms of return on investments in such areas as:

AI Conference Kyiv 2021 will focus exactly on those AI application areas that allow using invested resources efficiently and help to generate additional profit.

Besides, our team has taken into account your feedbacks and therefore is adding a bigger number of technical themes to the program and is inviting not only marketing experts but also more developers and other technical specialists this year.

We will review how to develop technologies in order to have a possibility to use AI in the full cycle of production and distribution rather than pointwise, at standalone stages. We will talk about restrictions that act as obstacles for AI use today, as well as new big challenges for the technology.

Thank you for expressing the interest in the event AI Conference Kyiv 2021! We will inform you as soon as tickets are available!